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Midwest Fashion Week - Chicago

Midwest Fashion Week - Chicago

Seven designers awaiting their designs to be shown, final touches are completed by the makeup artists and hair stylist, and models begin lining up patiently waiting to walk into a room full of VIP guests. The lights are low, the guests are stopping by the red carpet and finding their seats, the classic scent of Chanel N5 fills the air, DJ Mike Laibart is setting the tone with his music selections, and Payal Patel our gorgeous MC of the night announces the show is about to begin.

Photos Taken By JShootin - @jshootin -

I had the absolute pleasure of attending Midwest Fashion Week in Chicago, Illinois at The Metropolitan Club on the 66th floor of The Willis Tower. The room was filled with amazing designers, stunning models, beautiful guests, and outstanding fashion. I had the oppurtunity to take over Midwest Fashion Weeks Instagram stories for the night giving an exclusive behind the scenes look into the finely tuned details of MWFW.

Photos Taken By Lindsey Bowling -

Like I previously stated earlier there were seven designers included in this years fashion show, including; Sylvia Wilczynska, Toja by Nusa, Catou by Berny Martin, Barbara Bates, Alesia C., Sachika, and DMarsh. With designs ranging from suits, formal wear, bridal dresses, and more. The makeup artists were students from Tricoci University, which was fun for me because I attended their Esthetics program in Indiana and graduated from there in 2016.

Novelty Growth Team

All in all this night was a blast filled with laughter, smiles, hardworking friends, and beautiful designs. I’m pleased to say my first fashion show experience was a success and I’m already looking forward to next year.

If you weren’t able to see some of my BTS of the fashion show please feel free to click here to view my highlight reel from MWFW on instagram.

Below you can also find the designers social media accounts as well as a recap video done by Caleb Alvarez an amazing team member of mine!

Video By Caleb Alvarez - @calebalvarezz -

List Of Designers & Social Media Accounts

Catou - Designer name: Berny Martin - Instagram: @catouwear

D'Marsh - Designer name: Glenroy March -Instagram: @dmarshcouture

Alesia C. - Designer name: Alesia Chaika -  Instagram: @AlesiaChaika #AlesiaC

Sylwia Wilczynska - Instagram: @Sylwia_fashion_design

Sachika twins - Instagram: @Sachikaofficial

Toja - Designer name Nusha Blaszczyk - Instagram: @tojabynusha

Barbara Bates - Instagram: @Barbara_Bates

I wanted to take a second to thank my team members of @noveltygrowth for working so hard to get the best content, making life fun, and for always pushing themselves to do and be better. You guys keep me inspired!

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