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Travel Affordable

Travel Affordable

I think it may be one of my biggest pet peeves when I see someone complain about others going on vacation and traveling. To me it reads blah blah blah I'm just lazy. 

I'm 22 year's old and I have traveled more than most. Fortunately my father does work for United Airlines and I can fly standby for free. But I'm here to tell you exactly how you can make traveling possible with even the smallest of budgets. It takes time and research, but with both of those and some of my tips you'll be traveling in no time.  


This may be common sense but I'm throwing this out there. The longer you wait to buy an airline ticket/book a hotel/etc. the more expensive it will be. So give yourself some time to plan. 


Listen I know hotels are nice. I know they offer the vacation feel and whatever but are you there to explore or spend your days copped inside the hotel? When I took an adventure to Colorado alone I actually used an app called Couch Surfing. Get this, I literally stayed for a whole entire week at someone else's house for FREE. This may sound crazy but couch surfing is kind of like AIRBNB but for free. People who also enjoy traveling offer up their couches, extra bedrooms, and sometimes even their bedrooms for you to knock off those bucket list travel destinations. It was an amazing experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone and I now have friends in Colorado!

Another option especially if you're traveling out of the country is a hostel. They provide a place for you to stay usually under $20. Not to mention a lot of people that are traveling alone chose to stay in hostels and it's a great opportunity to meet friends from across the world. 


Most places have a form of public transportation. Research where you're going and figure out what form your place of travel offers and ditch the Ubers and Lyfts. This will save you a fortune! 


Most every single place you visit offers things to do for free. Whether that's attending a festival, going to a local free museum, or art museum. This takes a little research and mapping out, but is worth it 100%. 


If it's possible where you're staying to have a kitchen take full advantage of this. Yes, of course you will want to immerse yourself in the food culture of wherever you're staying but this doesn't mean you need to eat out for every single meal while you're there. Find a grocery store buy some goods and make some of your meals where you are staying. 


If you're on a budget avoid peak times for sure! Peak times include; around Christmas time, fall break, spring break, etc. All prices on hotels and airline tickets will be inflated because they know it's a high travel time. 

I could go on and on about traveling affordably till I'm blue in the face. It's possible for any one of you to travel whether you're a billionaire or you're a 22 year old paying student debt and living from pay check to pay check. You only have one life on this earth, so explore it and enjoy it! 

Did these travel tips help you on a recent trip?!? I'd love to know! If you have any questions about certain destinations or any of the things I have mentioned above please feel free to ask! I'm here for you!