Who Am I?


Hello My Loves, Ashlee Rexroth Here. I am 24 years young and live in the good ol’ small town of Speedway, Indiana. I guess this is where I begin to tell you about me.

From a young age, the idea of being a part of the beauty industry always excited me. During high school, I decided to go through a program where I was allowed to attend high school part time and cosmetology part time. I was very fortunate to be able to graduate with my high school diploma and cosmetology license. I was craving more so I packed my bags and moved to Chicago to attend Makeup First School where I became a Certified makeup artist. That was just not enough for me so I proceeded to enroll myself in Tricoci University's Esthetician program, so I am now a licensed esthetician.

After a couple hard years and a lot of soul searching I discovered God gave me the gift of being able to use my words and create. The 9-5 life was holding me back from creating the life I wanted to live, so I QUIT! I decided to fully immerse myself in what I love to do which is share my story, my life, and create content that makes people feel something. I fully believe that there will always be setbacks in your lifetime but it is how you chose to handle those situations that define you as a person. I chose to share what is going on in my life so that maybe I can help one other person who is struggling or going through what I have. I’m excited to have you along for the journey as I discover and grow into the women that God has destined and planned for me to be.

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